Best price guaranteed

You are getting the lowest possible price at the time of booking. Guaranteed.
What if you find your reservation on another website at a lower rate? We'll match it if these conditions are met:

  1. You have a confirmed reservation with
  2. You contact our customer service team after you have finished your reservation.
  3. The lower price is bookable online and is available when we check.
  4. The lower price is under the same booking conditions you’ve made with This means: Same property ; Same accommodation type ; Same dates of stay ; Same room conditions (meal plan, cancellation policy, etc).
If we can't match the lower price because of these 4 terms, you keep your existing reservation including the cancellation policy.    
Best Price Guarantee offer does not apply if...

  1. You book at a website that doesn't reveal which accommodation you’ll be staying at until after you've booked.
  2. You make a booking through or in combination with: Membership rates ; Frequent stays ; Loyalty points ; Other 'reward' type programs or special promotions available through the accommodation provider.